About Us


At Bourke Sports we are dedicated to inspire our customers to experience greater levels of performance through passion, innovation, and service. Our loyal and rapidly increasing customer base is a testament to our relentless search for perfection.

At Bourke Sports we have a great passion for sports and we believe every athlete deserves the best products available to perform at the highest level possible. As a result, we only put our branded logo on products that meet our very high standards of quality. Our logo represents Quality and Passion.

Why should you choose Bourke Sports?
From day one, we have strived to satisfy every customer by providing extraordinary products to meet extraordinary needs. This principle is incorporated into every single one of our products. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brand and its products to improve your performance. We customise each product to help athletes of all skill levels achieve their peak performance.

What is Bourke Sports' aim?
Here, we aim to consistently provide top class products through a one-stop sports shop, accompanied by a top quality service.
Bourke Sports continues to make top quality products for athletes of all levels.
Our products are more than just branded commodities. They are a statement of excellence from an authentic Irish brand that is trusted by people all over the world.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of using our products, we urge you to do so today and become part of our growing customer base.